Honing Job Work

We are also offering Honing Job Work for various types of Components like Cylinder Liners, Barrel, Bearing Housing, Hydraulic Cylinder, Bushes, etc.

Our professionals can make different components ranging from 10mm to 800mm and/or as per the customer's requirement.

Furthermore, we provide this job work keeping in mind the specific requirements of clients. Also, we ensure to accomplish undertaken projects within stipulated time frame.

We offer this superior quality service to our clients at very reasonable rates.

The job work includes different types of tasks like :

  • Ovality and Taper is achieved within 5 micron of accuracy of the Components
  • Inspection of all sizes is done by Bore gauges
  • Available with Air gauges
  • We have spare capacity available for HONING Bore Size from 5mm to 850mm up to 1.8 meter Length. Cylindricity, Taper and Ovality within 5 microns accuracy of the Components. Ra value as per Customer’s requirement.
Honing Job Work
Honing Job Work